FREE DELIVERY* on all case purchases within 25 mile radius of Woodstock

Every week Love Wine offers more than 20 wines for you to taste in our Tasting Room. Using the latest dispensing technology you can come and pay us a visit and purchase a tasting and either taste for the experience or try before you buy.

Wine tasting themes or styles will also take place so have a look at our Tasting Diary to see what takes your fancy.

* Whole or mixed cases only

Love Wine is a boutique wine therapy and tasting venue giving an insight into the rich enjoyment of wine, its culture and phenomenal history.

We are an independent wine merchant serving the local community and environs of Woodstock and the City whilst underpinning Oxford’s place in wine history and tradition in British culture, a City where once 80 wine merchants over a 300 year period plied their trade.

Our Tasting Room has a wine tasting experience of at least 20 wines to taste at any one time - by grape type or world region. - You will get an introduction to our free flow tastings, where you can take as much time as you like to explore and compare the subtleties and complexities that trigger your taste. Historical and contextual interest add to the array of wines most of which are exclusive to Love Wine and others, well you probably would have to travel a fair distance to find them.

We have published our first catalogue and we hope it will be an annual reference for those interested in trying individually selected wines produced by wine makers with exceptional talent and craft, some of whom are maintaining a 8th , 9th or 10th generation of viniculture and some in their first vintages.

Some of our producers are close-ish neighbours to the UK but have never supplied to the often critical British consumer and their wines are exceptional and limited in volume each vintage. So it’s your chance to discover them and realise that high quality can come with a modest price tag and offer brilliant value for money. Then there are those iconic wines which only seem to improve (and become more expensive) the older they get, yes we have some of those and they represent a mix of world regions and are often thought the preserve of Statesmen and Aristocrats.

If you are ever in Woodstock please come in and see what we have on taste or sign up for our regular bulletin with news of events such as invitational tastings, wine lunches or dinners. Plus special offers, new releases and bin ends bargains as well as our Wine of the Month together with Free Delivery in Oxfordshire on all case purchases.

Richard & Andrea Leonard